Chitra Pournami

Every week, Ambal descends to our temple to bless and guide us all. She is the mother of all people belonging to all the lands. She is the protector. She grants grace. She satiates our hungry. And she leads our life.

For all of them, the primal energy is Brahmanakanni who is called as Mahashakthi in this yuga. Brahmam means the primal thing. That great energy descends during Chitra Purnami to our temple which is the centre of the universe like axis of charioteer for the wellbeing of the world. Instead being as a great festival, it may be said as precious and wonderful event. During that memorable day, be benefitted by worshipping the Ambal and get bound by the spiritual rays. Though the full moon day comes every month, the Chitra Pournami is the prime. It has a special feature in Sangam age and puranas. Pournami comes slightly deviated from the full position of stars in other months. During Chitra pournami, it comes in full position of the star. For that Chitra Pournami is said to be unique. As she promised, the mother grants grace to us. Notwithstanding her son and the aspect of Kandan, the son of Kaliyuga and the avatar of Muthukumaraswamy known as Muthveeraswamy blesses all. Another son Kathavaraya swamy, an aspect of Rudra, also descends to grant grace to all of us. During this auspicious day, let us worship all and get sacred ash for prosperous life.

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