Special entry in Temples

For worshipping God, separate or special entry is formed in temples. Is it correct if one asks, it is not correct, I would say. God does not show separately for those who come near. At the same time He does not refuse to show for those who see Him from far. He shows for both in the same form. In cinema halls, same picture is shown for both Rs. 100 and Rs. 10 ticket holders. Comforts can be got for body but not for the mind. But divine worship is related to the mind. Our elders say that the mind without any impurity is the virtue and all other activities without the virtue are worthless. If the mind will become strong, there is no need to recite mantra. If the bad decreases the good will increase. Seek well by saying sweet words. The view of God looks equal to all. Let us think only good. We should not think that the way is special or ordinary. Our concern is to see the God. We need not worry about the entry as general or special.

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