The Mother Aadhi Parasakthi showers her blessings from various holy places in various forms. In the North-East part of India at Guwahati in Assam, she is Sri Kamakya Devi, showering blessings to one and all, as Aanandavaasini. This shrine is the place of Maha Yoni Peedam of Saktha temples. On the other hand, she is the mighty Maha Kali of Kolkata in West Bengal. While in Jammu and Kashmir, she showers her blessings as Maa Vaishnov Devi, an embodiment of Maha Saraswati, Maha Kali and Mahalakshmi.

Further down she is seated in her holy presence, in the sacred name of Thaai Moohambigai, at Kollur in Karnataka. This is where, along with her spouse Lord Shiva, she gave darshan to Aadhi Sankara as golden lingam. She rules as Bhagavathi in every hill shrine of Kerala. Thus, the places from where the Mother ruled are called as Saktha Shethrams and Bhagavathi Shethrams.

To shower the blessings in these Shethrams and, to empower her holy empire, for the first time, in the blessed Bharath, Mother Adhiparaskathi imprints her foot at the sacred spot, a place called Thiruvadisoolam. Thiruvadisoolam is a place where she imprints her holy feet(Thiruvadi) and placed her graceful Soolam(Soolam/Trishul) yugas before citing that, she will incarnate in the zenith Kaliyuga as Karumaari!




Today, human beings wander aimlessly, seeking a better life, enduring numerous sufferings in the process instead of seeking a spiritually contended life to attain peace, prosperity and perpetual happiness they blindly follow a material way of life. For them, here is our Mother’s Holy Feet (Thiruvadi).

There are no words to express the compassionate gesture of our beloved Mother Adhi Parasakthi who has come down to secure, safeguard and protect us by presenting her holy feet for them to perceive.  At Thiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu where even Aadhi Narayana and Brahma attempted in futile to see the zenith and nadir of Aadhi Paraparan (Lord Shiva). There too, the holy feet were not seen.

Aadhi Narayana (Lord Sri Venkateswara / Lord Sri Balaji) consecrates by his blissful presence at the Narayanagiri also known as Varahashetra in Thirumala. If we as devotees, by passing the seven hills, surrender ourselves to him, he blesses us.Palaniyandavar(Lord Muruga/Lord Kartikeya), declining his own parents, as a mendicant stands atop the Palani Hill and shows the way to surrender. He presents his holy feet and blesses the devotees.

Swami Iyappan gave the milk of a tiger to his mother; presented himself as holy flame to his father; sits in bliss at Sabarimala. Practicing celibacy, undergoing strict fasting if the devotee, with Irumudi, passes five hills to reach his thiruvadi, he bestows them with good life.While her spouse Aadhi Paraparan (Lord Shiva), brother Aadhi Narayanan (Lord Sri Venkateswara) and sons, Palaniyandavan (Lord Muruga/ Lord Karthikeya) and Lord Ayyapa make it tough for the devotees to see their thiruvadi, here, Mother herself, with compassion and kindness, treating and embracing them as her own children, presents her sacred thiruvadi to be seen by the devotees.





As an incarnation of Brahmam, as a woman, Mother is in the universe to safeguard. She was even once the Mother of Haran. Hence, Karumaari is the primordial Brahman who as Ardhanareeswara(Shiva Sakthi) – philosophy of male and female in one, residing in the pranava of AUM. She is hence called as Brahmanakanni.

Assuming the powers of the Primal Lord, she is the source of the creation of innumerable worlds, the Surya and Chandra mandala, innumerable Devatas, Rakshashas, Animals, Plants and Five bhutas. As Munis, Yogis, Gnanis, Devatas worshipped her in their anataratma, she was called as Anatarakanni/ Manonmani.

As Akayavani, creating every universe she is known as Vaanavi, Aagayakanni. Manifesting herself as Visalatchi in the world at Varanasi, the Mother guides all the good path of the four Vedas, to attain jivanmukta and ultimately unite with her.

After completing the tasks of destroying  Chanda, Munda and Mahishasura, to get cleared of her Brahmahathi Dosham , Kali does penance as Kamatchi. In order to instruct thirty-two virtues to all, she assumed the name of Kamatchi and prayed to the Lord at Kaanji which is also known as Kanji Kama Kottam or as of today, as Kancheepuram. To break the taboo that only men could indulge in warfare, to destroy evil, Mother is born as an ordinary woman. She fights against all evils and defeats them, to the surprise of every one. She protects all her creatures as her own eyes and so, she subsequently assumed the name of Meenatchi. She marries her Lord and settles at Nanmadakkoodal known as Madurai.

She manifested herself as a black serpent during the zenith of Kaliyuga as pleaded by the Devas. Propagating the philosophy of dharma, she incarnates as Karumaari, the Vacku devata, to protect all,  distributes the sacred Rudra ash in her hand.  The Aadhi Bhrama Nayagi, who is protecting the universe, from aeon to aeon, manifesting through the six holy names Brahmanakanni, Antarakanni, Akayavani, Visalatchi, Kamatchi and Meenatchi, has incarnated in this Kaliyuga peak as Karumaari!

Mother Karumaari placed her holy feet in this world of kaliyuga, in the form of black serpent, assuming the principles of Kundalini, with full of kindness, empathy and blessings to protect all her creations and to guide the confused and unstable men to know their own karma for which they are the sole cause. She liberates the devotees from rebirth and guides them to attain mukti.