The Devas, including Indira, Munis, Yogis, and Gnanis, alarmed at the arrival of the wicked Kaliyuga, appealed to the Supreme Lord. The Lord revealed that, “As the Primordial Mother is capable of protecting the dharma and destroying the evil in every Yuga, we should surrender to the Mother Mahasakthi.” Accordingly, all of them invoked the Universal Mother who protects all. The Mother appeared before them and wiped off their fear. She spelt, “As I promised Devas in the past aeons, and for upholding the command of my consort Lord Siva, your demand to see my viswaroopa during the declining dharma in the kaliyuga, I am destined to incarnate.”

When Mother decided to descend, she requests her brother Sri Govindan to bless the devotees to attain wealth through virtue, peace and prosperity. Sriman Narayan immediately accepted Devi’s request to bless the devotees through his Parivara deva form of Sri Vaaru Venkatesa Perumal.

Goddess Mahalakshmi, the deity of all wealth, wishes the Mother as the sole goddess of wealth. Goddess Saraswathi acclaims Mother as the sole incarnation of all knowledge and asserted her as the meaning of the four vedhas.

Soorya, the Sun God, requests the Mother to have her emergence on his day, Sunday. Mother agrees.
Having Lord Shiva as her part, she disguises as a graceful old woman, conducts an experimental episode with Lord Yama, God of Death and obtains the death-rope.

She also made the seven kannigais of the upper world and the seven thapaseelas who waited near the Mother’s thiruvadi to worship her always, to accompany her to earth, suppositous (bhavithal) as her children. They are going to be known as the 21 gracious holy men in future.

As per the command of her spouse she undertook the five actions of creating, protecting, hiding, blessing and destroying. She adorns the crescent moon in her flowing hair, spread like cloud. Amidst the flame glowing like thousands of suns, Adhiseshan, the holy bed of her brother Thirumal, spread as an umbrella, enveloping her head, she wore the eight snakes as jewels and a chain. Then she picked up the mystical objects- Bramha chuvadi, trident , sword, skull, rosary, tamarukam, death-rope and thandu as weapons in her beautiful hands. Then she holds in her hands the sceptre given by her spouse, four vedhas and the medicinal margo. And then, she takes Shree Muthuveeran, the kaliyuga incarnation of Shree Subramaniyan and Kathavarayan, representative of Rudhra as her guarding deities. She also takes with her the seven kannikais and the seven Thavaseelars. She also makes Airavatham, Kamadhenu, Karpaga viruksham, Amirdhe Kalasam and Sanjeevini hill to accompany her. Sitting on her medium, the Lion, she plants her thiruvadi in the southern hills as Brahmanakanni.