Mother made the elder of seven kannikais to be born in the world. The woman led a family life andlater on, one Friday, the black serpent bit her and she died. Moreover, on the following Sunday,when the body was laid to be cremated, the voice of the Supreme mother appeared and spelt “I am Aadhi Parasakthi, incarnated as Karumaari, Vacku devata of dharma in the Kaliyuga, with the Ash ofRudra as Panacea for Karma”.

The holy mother thus appeared in the Earth plane as black serpent embedded in the philosophy of touch and embrace which revealed the philosophy of generations.Mother added that, the woman who was dead was made to be born for her purpose as a part of her incarnation. She also added that through the seven thavaseelars for 21 generations, she will reveal ‘Vacku’ with the ‘Ash of Rudra’ as panacea for Karma. Accordingly, Mother revealed herself as Vacku Devata through the son of the woman who was dead,Arulalar Sri Palaiyakumaran (one of the seven Tavaseelars), at Vada Vedaranyam and offered ash. Arulalar Palaiyakumaran belonged to the second generation of the 21 generations through whom Mother reveals her Vacku with the Ash of Rudra.

Later Mother staged a rare play by choosing Arulalar Sri Thampu Swamigal (third generation), one of her seven tavaseelars. When the lady of Poovai Vaiyapuri family was dead, they surrendered to her. Ironically, the family members seemed not to know her but factually, they knew her as the prime devata of Brahman. She astonished all by regenerating the dead woman. In this way, she found a Guru peedam to reveal her vacku. This place is now popularly called as Thiruverkadu Shri Devi Karumariamman Devasthanam

In this Gurupeedam, in the hereditary of Arulalars, Sri Paramananda Swamigal (fourth generation) and then, after him, Sri Punniyakodi Swamigal (fifth generation), by the blessed sacred tradition,removed the karma and instructed dharma to those who sought after her, she revealed her vacku.As she already promised to reveal her vacku through her chosen son from generation to generation, the time has come to bless Punniyakodi couples to bear her son. Thus, during the auspicious time of a full moon day, in Anuradha Nakshetra, in the month of Vaisaka, Aga Guha Yogi Swami Maduraimuthu was born to Sri Punniyakodi Swamigal and Smt Arthangini as third child. Mother herself, as a black serpent, embraced the newborn child. She thus carries out through her son Punniyakodi Maduraimuthu Swamigal (Sixth Generation) who is embraced by her grace and mediates her in his mind every second without deviation. She had placed her golden holy feet in Thiruvadisoolam aeons before where later in the zenith of kaliyuga, she placed herself as Akilandakodi Brahmanda Nayagi manifesting her Viswaroopa through Aga Guha Yogi Punniyakodi Maduraimuthu Swamigal.

The holy place is an ensemble of the entire world pervading the earth and sky, at the centre of a beautiful dense forest, surrounded by seven hills where she augmented herself as Aadhi Maha Sakthi, a unification of all 51 parts of her limbs,fallen on all the 51 Sakthi peedams. Shining in great radiance of the Supreme Lord in this holy place,she delegates her Arulalar Maduraimuthu who remains as her cause and effect representing Devas,Moovars, Munis, Yogis and Gnanis. She presented a vision of her graceful holy feet (Thiruvadi) and placed her graceful wisdom, the Soolam (Trishul). This holy place, the Mahashetra is called, ‘Sarva Sakti Peedam- Thiruvadisoolam.’