Mother gave her viswaroopa darshan, united with the primal lord in the form of Shiva-Sakthi, male-female principle, in the gigantic holy flame to Sri Aga Guha Yogi Punniyakodi Maduraimuthu Swamigal (Sixth Generation). Later She led Shree Punniyakoti Maduraimuthu Swamigal, to make a way for her to be seen and worshipped by all human beings. When Swamigal wandered around in search of the Thirukal, she herself planted her trident to identify the spot where he had remained as swayambu for so many years. She unearthed herself as ThiruKal (Swayambhu), 22 feet underneath the earth and through Punniyakodi Maduraimuthu Swamigal, she manifested her viswaroopa as Akilandakodi Brahmanda Nayagi, the unified parts of her limbs fallen on 51 Sakthi Peedams.

She then showed the holy place to manifest her Viswaroopa, where the whole world waited to listen to her name and the Devas, Muni, Sidhas and yogis longed to see her cosmic presence, situated in the midst of seven hills with dense forest and springs. “As told by primordial mother, I placed my holy feet and planted my holy trident there, where all munis, yogis, Santhkumarar await, where surrounded by the seven hills – my mammoth lion as a ill; Iyravadham, the elephant, as one hill; Sanjeevi residing hill – another hill; the hill where Hanuman, the son of Vaayu, waiting to worship me is another; Seven kannigais and sevan Munis with Tapaseelas in another hill; in the Agni part as Mahadheepa hill; to be witnessed by her own eyes where I placed my holy feet in another hill – where the place is un-inhabited by human beings for many centuries, where my spouse Shiva is seated, beatifying, as an embodiment of wisdom, where I gained the name of Brammanda Eswari, where, with the lord, I made vision to the wisdom-child Jnanasambandan, where as a cow I circumnavigated and prayed to Lord Shiva, where the river Vegavadhi runs underneath… here is where I, with my Lord, placed my holy feet and planted my trident” – so saying She led her tavaseelar in the form of a snake to point out the exact spot and vanished into the snake pit.

This holy place is known as Thiruvadi Soolam because Thiruvadi means the holy feet and the Soolam means Holy Trident. This is where, thousands of years ago, Adhi Mahasakthi placed her holy feet and planted her holy trident. And, in this kaliyuga, she implants herself in her disciple, Shri Punniyakoti Maduraimuthu Swamigal, leads him to show the spot where she had placed her feet and planted her trident earlier, and pin point and confirm the exact locale for her holy shethram to be established.

As per the instructions of the Mother, with the great efforts of shree Punniyakoti Maduraimuthu Swamigal and the sincere devotees, after seeking Her blessings, in this place surrounded by dense forest and the seven hills, on an auspicious day,11-9- 2008, 26 th day of the Avani month in Siddha yoga, Suklapatcha, duvadhasi thidhi, thiruvoNa nakshathiram, her Viswaroopa was manifested. This holy place, Thiruvadisoolam, is situated in Chengalput taluk, Kanchipuram district in Tamil Nadu. When one travels from chengalput in the road leading to Thirupporur, at the ninth kilometre, two kilometres inside from the highway, surrounded by hills and trees, in an area of 50 acres, in a natural scenic atmosphere, the holy statue of the Mother is manifested and other construction works are underway.

Several miracles have been witnessed since the Mother Karumaari descended to the temple and spelt Arul vacku. She has been spelt for the past eighteen years through Arulalar Maduraimuthu Swamigal. According to the scriptures, the Sakthi exists in the Brahman in the form of speech, that is, vacku.

In fact, the Brahman and the Sakthi are one and she is eternally a pervading and manifesting one in all. In the temple, she appears as vacku devata in the beginning and fulfils what she promised through her vacku in course of time. Several incidences, which happened in the life of devotees, assure this manifestation. The devotees are from poor to a rich, illiterate to an educated and common man to a celebrity. The process of vacku reiterates the wisdom prevalent in the ancient Vedic times. The vacku appears as solid philosophical truths, eternal religious values and foretelling of happenings, pertaining to the life of an individual, a family and society, in general. The fundamental truth, she reveals, precisely is that the man is a maidservant of the devas and other invisible forces of divinity.

However, the individual life is moulded according to one’s own karma. Man himself is incapable of directing his life process up to Mukti without the help of the divine forces. Man is naturally inclined towards fulfilling his desires without any knowledge of the good or the evil. When his desires are unfulfilled or when he is in trouble, he calls the divinity of his choice. This tendency continues all through his life.

She in her vacku stated that man always tries to fulfil cheap and lesser desires while the higher desire of attaining wisdom and Mukti are postponed for the sake of fulfilling the lower appetites. She reiterates several times that her main aim is to free the man from the earthly bondage and to lead him to Mukti. She performed many miracles in the lives of devotees, just to bring them to the fold, to gain the higher truth, realising ones’ own Atman and be with her in her plane. She remarkably transcends the barriers of language, culture, time and place in order to guide her followers of faith. Devotees can witness this truth through Arulalar Maduraimuthu Swamigal in Thiruvadisoolam.

*(51 limbs of the Mother Sati were fallen in different places during Daksha yagna and each Kshethram is worshipped as Sakthi Peedam now. Now, in the Kaliyuga, Mother Karumaari manifested herself as viswaroopa as unification of all these 51 limbs of 51 shakti peedas. Hence Thiruvadisoolam is known as Sarva Sakthi Peedam)