The holy shrine Thiruvadisoolam is originally the place where the mother Aadhi Parasakthi placed her holy feet and her wisdom trident aeons ago. As she revealed her golden lotus feet (Thiruvadi) and placed her wisdom trident (Gnana Thirisoolam/Trishul) here, this place is aptly called Thiruvadisoolam. In the present age of Kaliyuga, she has chosen her devoted son Punniyakodi Maduraimuthu, worthy of her power and blessings, to lead him to build a temple in this cite.




The 36 feet wisdom Trishul/Trident is the ensemble of 36 principles, placed as 1 united wisdom Trident with the 2 holy feet encompassing 3 Sakthis, 4 vedas, 4 yugas, 5 bhutas, 6 religions, 7 sakthis, 7 mandalas, 7 rishis and 7 devatas, 8 (ashtatik) balas, 9 grahas , 10 vidyas. The Thirisoolam is formatted in the yantra of Mahasulini, Mahabhairavi and Prathiyangara. Worshipping the Thirisoolam will remove the following obstacles and provide prosperous life: the conspiracy of enemies, all sorts of hurdles in life, black magic, enmity, pitru dosha, departed spirits, and Brahama Rakshasha, obstacle in employment or business progress, obstacle in getting married and having child, mental abnormalities etc.




The Lion is the symbol of dharma. If the devotees worship the lion, the medium of Mother, they can attain ‘rajayoga’ in their life, by status or a permanent occupation or power in government. Virtuous thinking will grow in us. Akin to the Nandi, worshiped in Shiva temple, the Lion is worshiped in Sakti temple. Worshipping the lion is equal to worship the Mother herself seated on it.


The Kamala Vinayagar, the symbol of deliverance, bestows us with prosperity and could remove all our obstacles in life.

Glory of Sacred Lamp (Thiruvilakku)

She manifested as a black serpent, by the principle of touch and hug, appearing on the pyre of Rudra, discarding the material wants and igniting the inner spirit, gleaming. She revealed the philosophy of the ages, incarnated as the mother of dharma and the queen of kaliyuga, to protect the world. We, therefore, worship the Mother in the form of great radiating glow.

There are unique features in the Thiruvilakku, the holy lamp. Appeared as great radiating glow, Mahalakshmi herself worshipped and offered Thampoolam, admiring her as the source of all prosperity, wealth and happiness. Hence, she by having all the wealth in the Thiruvilakku, she sparkles. In the sacred lamp, the Mother resides in the centre as Dharmadevata, while her children Ganapathy and Murugan worshipping her, surrounded by all the devatas, with Brahma, Saraswathy,Vishnu, Mahalakshmi, Surya, Chandra, Sanganidhi and Padmanidhi. The lion, symbol of dharma, is seated below the lamp.

The devotees who visit this shrine are to worship the lamp, pouring ghee in it, place lotus flowers and coins, (if wishes, gold and silver coins) in front of the lamp and pray. Later, they can take back the beatified coins and flowers to their home, placing them in their puja room, worshipping with milk. They can place them in their locker, afterwards. By doing this, even a pauper could become rich and would lead a prosperous and happy life.





Worshipping the Mother at the Balalayam is equal to worshipping the Mother in the sanctum sanctorum who bestows a prosperous life. If we worship this Mother, she will give us all pleasures and prosperity.

Saptha Shylaja Sri Vaaru Venkatesa Perumal

When Mother decided to descend down to earth in Kaliyuga, she had requested her brother Sri Govindan to bless the devotees to attain wealth through virtue, peace and prosperity. Sriman Narayan immediately accepted Devi’s request and through his Kaliyuga Parivara deva form of Sri Vaaru Venkatesa Perumal, he imparts his blessings to devotees. Here in this sacred land of Thiruvadisoolam, Sri Vaaru Venkatesa Perumal is surrounded by seven hills and hence this sacred Peedam is called Saptha Shylaja Madhya Peedam.


The Mother Mahasakthi is the source of everything and she emerges as viswaroopa ‘Akilandakodi Brahmanda Nayaki,’ the merciful queen of Kaliyuga, who removes our karma of all times. The Mother, here, as Mahasakthi, the devata of dharma, places her holy feet on a golden lotus. Her face is glittering as though thousands of suns put together, the crescent moon in her flowing tresses, with moon in the left eye, sun in the right eye and the fire as the third eye in the forehead. It looks as though she is calling us all, like children, with a flashing smile on her face and telling us that she is the omnipotent.

The Mother directs the world by performing her five activities of creating, blessing, protecting, concealing and destructing with her weapons, Damarugam, Soolam, Dandam, Pasam, Suvadi, Jepamalai, Kaththi, and Kabala in her ten hands. Abhaya and Varadha in her hands, the representing principles of protecting the world by  Mahavishnu and Mahalakshmi, she is presented here.  She manifests as the panchasakthi, the saptamathas, ashta, dasa and nava sakthis. She is also the 16  sodathi sasakti, 36 principles, 43 triangles and the bindu of Sri Chakra. She is the source of all including, Brahma. We surrender at the holy feet of Swamy for presenting us with her viswaroopa and guiding us to attain a prosperous life. As she is the 51 Agharavali, the unified form of 51 scattered organs, let us pray to Devi Karumari to get rid of our karma and be thankful for giving us her son Mathuraimuthu Swamigal for our redemption. Let us seek refuge at his feet without any delay.