From the words of Devotees


Ambal’s Thirusambal

I am Venkatesan. I would like to share the miracle that happened in my life with the grace of Devi Sree Karumariamman. Initially i got introduced to the temple through one of my office friend in 2003 and thereafter it becomes a regular habit of visiting temple and getting Ambal Thirusambal everyweek. Started getting growth in career and life thereafter. With the blessings of Goddess Karumari, i got married to a nice person named Lavanya whom I loved very much and she is also a strong devotee of Ambal. My upliftment in the career grows steadily and my life started happily. Suddenly I have been diagnosed with a life threatening disease (a huge mass with 14 cm) and consulted all the major hospitals in the city. Many tests were taken and the doctors said it is one of the rarest tumor in the world. All the top most doctors in TOP hospitals have showed their hands off. Doctors said my survival of life is questionable and there were no chances of child birth. At this stage we decided to end up our life and reached the temple and met Swamiji. Swamiji told medical miracle will happen and i will be saved and will be blessed with baby with the grace of Karumari amman. Goddess Karumari has given ThiruSambal, Neem Leaves, Turmeric and Lemon to eat it as medicine and has assured us that she will save me from this disease and bless us with a baby. Favorable changes in test reports occurred after eating the medicine given by Ambal. We followed the words of Ambal and had utmost faith in her words. We have surrendered our life in her lotus feet. She was our mother and everything for us. In each and every situation,our Swamiji (Shri.Madurai Muthu Swamigal) was of full support with us in the form of Ambal and gave us encouragement and confidence to overcome the worst situation and survive our life. Swamiji’s caring and kind words were of great moral support for us. We had a strong belief that nothing wrong will happen to us, as Ambal (Karumari Amman) is there with us anywhere and anytime.Major surgery went on for 8 hours and the mass was removed and the test report says that the tumor was a normal tumor but not cancer (Miracle by Devi Sree Karumariamman).Doctors were shocked and surprised and said it is a medical miracle.After surgery, Speedy recovery of my health took place and I became fit with the grace of Ambal. As already told by ambal in her words and with the blessings of Ambal (Karumari amman) and Sri Kathavaraya swamy we have been blessed with a baby girl and she has been named by Ambal as Kribakari – Meaning “born with the grace of Lord Shiva and Ambal”. We are now doing regular service to the temple of Goddess Devi Sree Karumari Amman and we will continue the services till the end of our life. No doubt Ambal would save her devotees at any stage/condition provided they had full faith and true bhakti. Ambal’s Thirusambal has the most powerful and shakthi to overcome any kind of illness and disaster. Thayae Om Shakthi Karumari!

Ambal’s Lemon and Sacred Ash

My name is B.Jayalakshmi from Chennai. In my younger age, when I had trouble in conceiving a child,my relative had suggested to get darshan and blessing of thiruverkadu karumariamman. I did visit the temple and got the blessing of amman and swamiji of the time and got lemon and sacred ash on 7 week visit. I consumed the lemon juice regularly on early morning on empty stomach along with sacred ash. I was soon blessed with healthy girl child. This was my initial experience with karumariamman. After a gap of few decades, I got connected with her and doing seva in the bigger temple(Thiruvadisoolam). I trust her completely and she has been and will be a guiding force in all the events in my life.

Mother's Miracle


As a football player from the year 1988 I have played many matches in the football fields of Thiruverkadu, but only in the year 1992 I was blessed with the opportunity to visit the Sarva Sakthi Devi Sri Karimaari Amman Temple and get Thiru-Sambal from Ambal. Then I made it a routine to visit the Temple every Friday and Sunday during the golden period under the reign of Arulaalar.Thiru.Punniyakotti Swamigal. With Ambal’s blessings I got a job in Indian Bank and got selected for the Bank’s National Football Team. With Ambal’s blessing and Arulaalar.Thiru.Punniyakotti Swamigal’s grace my engagement was fixed in the year 1997. Later the same year my wedding took place with the blessing of Arulaalar.Thiru.Maduraimuthu Swamigal, I am lucky that I can say, mine was the first wedding Swamigal blessed and attended. Step by step Ambal blessed my family with everything good in life and two boy babies Vignesh my first son and Sriman Namo Narayana my second son.
Meanwhile I continued visiting the temple habitually during which time Swamigal suggested that apart from just visiting the temple I should involve myself in some form of service and do more valuable work. I took that blessing from Ambal and started doing service in temple regularly. Doing service at the temple opened various doors for me to be a part of all the temple functions and be a part of punitha yatra (pilgrimage) trips starting from Rameshwaram, Kasi, Allahabad, Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangothri, Yamunothri, Ujjaini and Kailash with Ambal’s blessings. On 13 th March 2014, my second son Sriman got Ammai (Chicken pox) and became very sick and bed- ridden, not knowing what to do we admitted him in Vellammal Hospital near our house. Then I reached out to Swamigal seeking his grace to cure my child’s health, that is when Swamigal told us to immediately admit my son at Child Trust Hospital in the Emergency Ward and we did the same. The hospital started diagnosing my son’s condition instantly since his health was deteriorating rapidly and it was clear that it was more than chicken pox by now. After a few tests and analysis, the doctors confirmed and informed us the most shocking news our entire family has ever heard that Sriman was attacked by Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS) Virus, a life-threatening virus in which the immune system attacks the nervous system, the survival rate against this fatal virus for a kid was very thin and next to impossible. It took us all a while to understand and accept what the doctors were saying, since this was unheard of and he was a healthy charming boy till then. The doctors started his treatment plan immediately on the same day, we were anxious, praying to Ambal was the only solution we were confident about but as the doctors updated us occasionally our hearts sank hearing the worsening condition of my child’s health. My wife and myself with a strangled aching heart made our way to the temple one Sunday to get Thiru-Sambal from Ambal. During Arulvaaku, Ambal called us both and blessed us by saying Ambal will save my child, Ambal will make my son grow up healthily and make him a good grown up person in this society.
It was a relief to hear Ambal’s blessing and we returned to the hospital to take care of my son, keeping Ambal’s blessing in mind and Thiru-Sambal in hand at all times. Days went by, my son was still in ICU, we were spending Lakhs of Rupees on medical bills, it was more than forty days and he was still receiving treatments in the ICU. We were attending to him in ICU our eyes filled with tears and hearts filled with agony. As we were hoping and earning for Ambal to cure my son, one day at around midnight the Alarm rang in the ICU ward suddenly, our family members, all of us ran to see what was happening and only two were allowed inside the ICU ward. My wife and myself went and saw Sriman who was surprisingly awake, but he couldn’t talk because of the intubation tubes, since he had difficulty breathing on his own. My hopeful wife was saying maybe Ambal came and went to grace our son which I didn’t believe at that moment. The next day morning a devotee and family friend Mr.Natarajan came by to see Sriman. Swiftly he started telling us, last night in his dream, Swamigal and himself came by to the hospital to bless Sriman. In this place, this ward, this no. bed, there were these many attending nurses, etc. he said everything precisely and I was so shocked to hear every detail so correctly. Then it dawned on me that it was in fact Ambal who visited Sriman at the hospital that night. The next day morning we asked Sriman to sign if the night before someone visited him, surprisingly he shook his head, hands and said yes. Sriman said, he felt someone stand near his head and someone graced his entire body with a blessed healing hand. The following Sunday during Ambal’s Arulvaaku, Ambal told she fought and argued with Yama to save my child and stayed right next to him the entire time. Then we heartily realised what has happening and how Ambal is saving our child day by day. In a few days when the intubation tubes were removed the first word he uttered was “Karumari” – Ambal’s name. My wife and myself faced a lot of hurdles, but what we have realised was, definitely there is a greater power – Ambal above all of us and we as humans should get rid of all the humanly egos and complexes to receive Ambal’s blessing. Along with all the medications we made sure Sriman had Thiru- sambal near him always and once he got clearance to eat solid food a few days later he longed to eat our Temple’s Annadhanam food for which also Ambal gave explanation a few weeks later during Arulvaaku that everything served in our temple’s Annadhanam is not only prasadam but Amritham that cures any sickness in our body. Today Sriman is a healthy child, he is a part of his school’s National Level Football team, he recently represented his school’s team in Delhi, traveled to Delhi, attended the games and returned safely. The Child Trust Hospital till date is in awe of Sriman’s recovery. The doctors said GBS Virus attacked patient’s recovery rate is possibly one person amongst one lakh cases and if recovered from the virus the patients can’t walk as any normal person can. We used the reference of Dr.Balasubramaniam to seek medical attention to Sriman. The ICU Head Doctor, Mr.Balaramachandran said in his own experience and amongst all the cases he has attended to, Sriman’s recovery is definitely Ambal’s blessing and no human can make this happen and explained more saying this was definitely a Medical Miracle that a child attacked by GBS Virus has recovered in comparatively a short span whereas in normal cases recovery is possible only after eight months of treatment with expected organ damages. Like this Ambal is making many miracles in my family. After experiencing Ambal’s blessings and great phenomena’s our family has decided that doing service to Ambal at the temple – Seva is our priority in our lives and this is our only possible way to thank Ambal for everything she has blessed us with. Hence me, my wife and children could do nothing else but thank Ambal for showering us with her blessings and we are doing service in the temple now to our hearts content.