Health without Medicine

Mother Aadhi Parashakthi is the source of the world. She is the source for three activities (creation, destruction and protection) in the world. She is the coolness of the water. She is the heat of the fire. She is the quietness of the moon. She is the light of the Sun. Without Her, this world cannot move. We think that our diseases are cured by the doctors through medicine and surgery. But without Her energy this will not happen. We can live a life without […]

The Power of Mind

A few used to say that he/she has seen his guru in his/her dream. What is the cause for that? What you are thinking comes as a vision to you. This is the truth. So, let us think only good. As said by Saint Thiruvalluvar, ‘Let thought be always great and grand though they fail their virtues will stand.’ In other words, we should always think great. Even if it does not bring success we should not give up thinking great. Some people in general […]

Special entry in Temples

For worshipping God, separate or special entry is formed in temples. Is it correct if one asks, it is not correct, I would say. God does not show separately for those who come near. At the same time He does not refuse to show for those who see Him from far. He shows for both in the same form. In cinema halls, same picture is shown for both Rs. 100 and Rs. 10 ticket holders. Comforts can be got for body but not for the […]

The Truth

Where did we come from? We do not know. Where will we go? We do not know. The place we came to is not ours and the place we need to go to is also not ours. Why do we say that all the fame belongs to the God. Who did give you the fame? It is God. Thus, whom does the fame belong? To the God Himself. If one remembers with his soul-abiding feeling, he can avoid arrogance and wrong doings.

He is within Her

It has been heard that without Him nothing can move. Here, it is not only referred Easwaran as He but also She. She is integrated with Easwaran. He and She is one. Hence, we call Him as Arthanareeswara. Easwaran = Light; All other aspects are Ambal Siva is the combination of two that is He and She. If Siva is to be manifested Easwari is needed. The idol of Sivalingam is not carved out either of male or female alone. But it is carved out […]

Chitra Pournami

Every week, Ambal descends to our temple to bless and guide us all. She is the mother of all people belonging to all the lands. She is the protector. She grants grace. She satiates our hungry. And she leads our life. For all of them, the primal energy is Brahmanakanni who is called as Mahashakthi in this yuga. Brahmam means the primal thing. That great energy descends during Chitra Purnami to our temple which is the centre of the universe like axis of charioteer for […]